2nd episode of podcast upgrades! Intro! Outro! Music!

The first episode of the Maintaining/Positivity was the proverbial “first pancake;” tasty and filling, but a warm-up for the real thing. This second episode looks at the headlines that claim that exercise does not help with weight loss. I look at several academic articles that look at studies that look more deeply into what is actually a very complex system. I talk about the role of exercise in weight maintenance, resting metabolic rate, lean mass retention, emotional eating, and many other ways that exercise impacts the body. I hope that in addition to unpacking this very clickbaity headline I am 1. Fair to the authors of the Vox and WaPo articles by pointing out what is valuable about their work,  2. Provide an alternative framework, and 3. challenge you and inspire you.

Also, check out my catchy intro and outro, I used so basic audio editing too! Let me know if you have any questions or have article headlines about health or fitness that make you scratch your head and want to learn more. Email me at maintaining.positivity@gmail.com

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